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Creating the Good Life
I spend my life constantly trying to create experiences and find things that excite! This page is where I will be sharing all the experiences that excite me and create the lifestyle I wish to live.
The Equestrian ​Life
Landa Lucio
 At the end of the day, our sport is one steeped in tradition, and whether it's the ultimate luxury of an Hermes hunting whip, the buttery texture of English leather, the sheen of a well groomed coat, or the flutter of a perfectly tailored show coat, no one knows how to do traditional luxury quite like equestrians can. 

We all know that a little mud won't hurt anyone and we're not afraid to work hard, but, in the spirit of the finer things in life, here are a few of the most beautiful equestrian images, that sum up our lifestyle perfectly.

 Photo's From Bottom Left:
Lucio Landa
PegaseBuzz Roxanne Legendre,
Kingsland Dressage
Shelli Breidenbach 

All Photo's belong strictly to photographers, I have, nor do I claim any rights to them.


There are certain brands and images that I have assosciated with the equestrian lifestyle for as long as I can remember. Think equestrian and the first thing I imagine is long rolling lines of post and rail fencing, loose boxes like the Badminton stable yard. Shiny leather, and quality, every where you look. 

The ​Ultimate Christmas List

So, you have the honour and privilege of christmas shopping for a horse crazy guy or girl, but what to get them?

Well never fear, here at Blondie In Breeches we have you covered with a myriad of options. From splashing out on a special someone to a barely there budget, below is the ultimate equestrian gift guide. 

 1. The horse shoe layering necklace
Ruby Lena Jewellery on Etsy

This stunning necklace has been on my wish list for a while, it’s simple and sophisticated design means they will probably never take it off, and the store offers amazing options to customise length and even add a card! Perfect gift!

The Arab Banir Horse Bust
This is the ultimate addition to any chic equestrian house hold. Capturing the essence of the Arabian breed it is the perfect piece for your mantle, and it’s on sale! 


Equestrian Art and Inventions Wall Hanging
Stanley Print House on Etsy

No, its not just me, these are cool, (even my brother thought so!).  These Stanley Print House wall hangings are just different enough to make them awesome. They are the perfect compliment to clean slightly industrial decor and come in almost any colour under the sun. They are also a steal at just under $14, (excluding tax and shipping). I even asked around and the riding guys I know said they would hang these on their walls. Score!

Ogilvy Half Pad
From $199

These pads made a name for themselves in America and have become a lust worthy item all over the world for every discipline. The even more spectacular piece of news? They are completely customisable and so you can create exactly what your loved ones desire. You can buy them directly from Ogilvy or from a host of different retailers. 

Maelort show back pack

This back pack combines  functionality and style, designed to be your ultimate buddy at every show it has all the space you could need and all the pockets for those last minute add ins and of course your phone!

Kastel Denmark Shirt
From $38.50

These shirts are the ultimate in riding wear, whether it’s for show or every day, they have the solution! Both stylish and functional they have options for both summer and winter, and its not only for the ladies, the menswear is to die for! 

 Adawnment Jewellery
Prices Vary Per Piece

I have a confession to make, if I could own every piece of the Adawnment Equestrienne collection, I would. This jewellery oozes class and sophistication while also holding onto that little touch of country with the touches of leather and big stones. 

Wine Bottle and Glasses Rack
BH Creative on Etsy

Chances are, in your circle, you have a horse loving wine drinker, and what better to gift them than an equestrian inspired wine rack! Made with horse shoes this wine rack is not only a beautiful piece of decor, but it also holds the wine. 

Gabriella Shaw Equestrian Gift Set
£ P.O.A 

These Gift sets are hand made on request and are perfect for that special someone who also has everything. They are customisable and come in a stunning pine trug. She also does other beautiful and affordable equestrian inspired pieces. 

The Horse Tee Wellington

I have wanted this Tee ever since I first saw it and it’s officially on my christmas list! For your loved one with a bit of sass, it’s a must! 

So there we have it, my ultimate Christmas list!

Happy Festive season all!